60 seconds that made me smile

Been traveling alot lately. Busy trying to get to all the countries in my portfolio.Sitting in a airport lounge in Lusaka, Zambia as i write this.  I started in a new job in Jan this year. Back in banking products again. Looking after Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi , Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania from a liability product management perspective. Thought that the new job would have a bit less travel, but seems like it is slightly more than my previous job. Apart from the traveling that is a bit of a pain, i does have its magical moments. 

I phoned back home last night to see how the family was doing in my absence. Spoke to my wife , Liesl and got an update on all the happenings in the Swanepoel household , the past couple of days. Then it happened. Daniel ( 10 years old) asked for the phone to speak to me. As an autistic child he has always shy’d away from talking to me on the phone. I guess its difficult for him to understand , where i am . And why i am on the other side of this plastic contraption. We had a 60 second conversation. I asked him questions and he responded apropriately everytime. It made me so happy. Our therapy with him is showing so much promise. And he is progressing so much.

As i write this, i am smiling from ear to ear.

Who would have thought that a 60 second telephone chat could make my year.

Till next time